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Copper Repiping Review of Repipe Specialists.

Let’s review another great testimonial sent in through a recent customer of Repipe Specialists.

In June of this year my wife andI phoned quite a few businesses to get bids to repipe the house. Not only did Repipe Specialists provide us with the best quote, we’re most encouraged with the salesperson that visited our home. The man is truly knowledgeable and also demonstrated the water pipe that would be utilized in our home when we picked their business to do the job.

After we spoke about 3 bids, we decided on Repipe Specialists regarding their qualified business techniques. My workers arrived on the date and time that they explained they’d get going with the task. Towards the end of day, the project was done. A bit of lawn had been removed to be able to place the plumbing, and the turf had been replaced, and it is not even visible where they excavated the trench. Shortly after a few weeks since the work was done, the yard for the most part looks exactly as good the way it did before the services. The next morning right after the newer copper pipes were initially put in place, the drywall work was performed, and it was ahead of our expectations in regards to quality and professionalism.

A day or two later, we had to get a hold of Repipe Specialists to have an adjustment made in one of the valves for the shower. The next morning another of your plumbing experts came out to the house to rectify the situation. My family and I were most pleasantly surprised because all work was done as claimed and promptly on time. So frequently you hear about providers that will not respond once the work is performed. This is not a concern when it comes to Repipe Specialists.“We would praise Repipe Specialists to my closest friends due to their high-quality service and the justifiable price to do the job.
- D. Stringer