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What triggers a pin-hole leak within a copper water pipe?

A pin-hole leak is a very small hole that will develop start
in piping creating a spray or stream of water to blast out. Most often these pipe leaks increase because of the tubing eroding internally. There are various of reasons that explain why a leak occurs. Most of the main aspects that lead to a leak may include age of pipes, your municipalities water pressure, the total amount of minerals associated with your water, how the pipes are configured (i.e. joints, fittings, pipe bends etc.), what time of year you are in, and exactly how the piping was hooked up.

Pin hole water leaks in copper water pipe
More likely than not the water leaks manifest close to the water main inside your home. They occur near to the water main as this is exactly where the water pressure is at it’s highest inside the house. Very much like how water after a while can cut deep into rock creating erosion. It also can corrode in the interior of your water line. It slowly erodes in the interior of the pipe until it inevitably breaks through the pipes.

Copper pipe failure
Throughout the US in numerous areas and counties, you can find significant water pressure with many different minerals in the water. These things coupled with the typical structural age of your property around 25-30 years old suggests that there is a large range of pin-hole leak enquiries recently. High organic mineral content in the water leads to numerous water line issues. Anything from water heaters to faucets and piping suffer from the excess minerals. Using a softener in your drinking water doesn’t help considerably either. Softening water doesn’t get rid of several of the minerals that can be contained in water.

Pin Hole Water leaks in Pipe Fittings
Many of the elements that can cause pin-hole leaks are unavoidable. You cannot change the organic mineral content or water temperature coming into the house. A large percentage of water leaks happen at or near a joint. Basically the place where the interconnection is. This can be an elbow fitting or even a pipe attachment. Whenever water goes through one of these fittings there is always disturbance. The water swirls and revolves as it goes through the pipes. Avoiding this is quite inescapable. The turbulence may cause the water to deteriorate the water pipe from the inside out.

Erosion in Pipe Fittings
If your leak shows up in the fittings it is usually as a result of installer failing to ream out the copper after cutting it. When a copper pipe is cut with a pipe cutter it gets pinched as it’s being cut. This creates a lip on the inside of the pipe. This lip can exaggerate the amount of turbulence that occurs at the joint. Often a pipe that has multiple holes generally occurs due to the installer not reaming out the pipe after cutting it.

If you get a pinhole leak what should you do?
Chances are good that if you are continually having to repair different pinhole leaks, you will want to seriously consider a full Copper Repipe. It is the only way to prevent a pinhole leak from reoccuring because of poor water quality. Repipe Specialists is the preferred service provider for full copper repiping. They provide free on-site estimates and can even assist in upgrading your fixtures and additional improvements like a tankless water heater. Their services are about half the cost of a local plumber and always backed by a lifetime guarantee.